Unit 10: Protecting Our Privacy

We do not want everyone to know every single detail about our lives or us.  Why do you think our windows have curtains to shut, why our doors have locks after we close them, or why our clothes cover up our bodies? Because we want things to be private and kept to ourselves or our families.  This relates exactly to our privacy using media. Why do you think we have usernames and passwords, why do we have security questions, or why do we settings that we can control (to a certain extent) who sees what we post or share?

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[Privacy online]. (2017, October 4). Retrieved from https://socrateswater.com/2017/10/04/a-note-about-online-privacy-and-security/

So to answer the big question, what can we do to protect our privacy?? Well, I have a few suggestions that I have learned over the years myself. Take a look and maybe you can learn something too!

Cover Up

One thing that I was told awhile ago when I got my first personal laptop was to put a sticker over my video camera. Now why would I do that? After hearing this, being the inquisitive person that I am, looked up to find the answer to my why and what I found was very interesting.  I was shocked to hear about how easily someone could take over my webcam and collect footage without the light indicator turning on!

EWW How Creepy!

Monitor and “Spring Clean”

Monitor and limit who you are “friends” with on social media sites.  Remember at one time when it used to be cool to have the most friends on Facebook or the biggest amount of followers on Instagram?  Answer this for me, how many of you allow anyone and everyone follow you on social media? I can say that I do not know everyone who follows me.  I monitor my followers in moderation, but probably not as well as I should be.  I have my settings set to a private account on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, but it’s not necessarily completely private. I personally like to “Spring Clean” my social media accounts. Within this process I go through each of my accounts and delete followers that I don’t want seeing my accounts anymore, remove friends on Facebook, especially people who are no longer in my life and no longer need to see what is going on.

Secure and Safe

Make sure whenever you are browsing or shopping online that the website has https: at the beginning of the web address and that the secured lock is shown in the address bar before the web address.  To be safe, ensure that you follow all the safety and security protection steps when setting up an e-mail address, new social media account, or account on a store website. When making these accounts, always use STRONG passwords, don’t make it something easy that uses common information.

I hope after reading this blog that you were able to learn a little more information of some things that you can do to help protect your privacy! Safe surfing and searching the web!


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