Unit 11: Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

We have come to the end… the end of the fall semester 2018, the end of my first ever online class, the end of a crazy journey.  It has been quite a semester to say the least with hectic schedules, group projects that have tested limits, and an online emergent media course that turned out better than I thought in the beginning.

Beginning this online Emergent Media course I was a little hesitant because I had never taken an online class before.  I have since come to love this class and have looked forward to learning new information each week with a different unit.  I was also able to make some amazing new friends through this class and meeting them throughout the semester.  I have enjoyed being able to work independently to complete the various tasks given to me and especially enjoyed the blogging section of the class.  Blogging my opinions on different units and what was going on in the class, dug deeper into my creative side and I felt free to say whatever I thought. In an appropriate manner, of course.  As for how the class was run, I really liked that each week the unit was typically released on the same day and we had a week to complete each unit.  I liked how the instructions were clearly given and that Dr. Magolis was easy to contact if we had any questions.  I loved learning about sports and the salary cap situation that we discussed in class.  I think that it was interesting to hear classmates perspective on the different topics and learn a little more information from their point of view.  I had a ball working on the videocast assignment, considering I made a blooper reel of the tiring tries I attempted at perfecting my video but failed and busted out laughing.  It was cool to edit my multiple videos into snip-its and put them all together in the end as the final videocast assignment project. When thinking about ways to improve the course, it is hard to say.  There was not really anything that I did not like about the course. Maybe videochatting with the class or classmates or even Dr. Magolis for one unit and have an online video chat discussion instead of a discussion post?  It’s a possibility.

It’s sad that this semester is at closing time in the book, but I am excited to be back next semester and continue taking classes similar to this one to proceed in credits for my minor. As someone once said, your life is a book, move forward, close one chapter, and open another.  A very fitting and motivating quote that I think wraps it all up nicely.


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