Unit 3: Social Media Is Stealing Our Time

Try to think back on any day this past month that you have not used and/or saw someone using media in some shape or form?… Did you think of one?  I can almost guarantee you that you could not think of one day.  I will tell you one thing is for sure and that is that our world is saturated with media.  Everywhere we turn there are people reading books, newspapers, magazines or someone is on their cell phone, whether it be texting, calling, checking social media.  There are few things that have impacted us as greatly as social media has in the past decade.  Social media plays a huge role in the communication of our society today.

For me personally, I am constantly checking social media.  Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, VSCO, and many more to stay connected and up to date with friends, family, celebrities, television series, etc.  Social media is a great form of entertainment.  People are easily able to entertain themselves by watching videos, reading stories, viewing pictures, or even playing games.  I am constantly watching those Facebook videos, showing recipes and how to prepare them or funny posts on Facebook or Instagram to give me a laugh throughout the day.  After monitoring my media usage for a 24 hour period for our assignment this week, I noticed that a lot of my time was spent checking social media updates.  So, why am I and others in a constant need to know what is going on in the world?

Social media can also be a big distraction for me.  There are many times when I have been working on school work or something important and my mind wanders and I instinctively get on some social media site.  I tell myself I’ll only spend a few minutes on it but then those minutes get longer and longer, distracting me from being productive. It takes my attention away from what I really need to be focusing on to complete. It also can be distracting before going to sleep at night.  Sometimes when I lay down in bed to go to sleep and I cannot fall asleep, I will get on my phone and check social media. This not only probably is not good for me actually getting to sleep but it gives me something to do (not the best way to handle the situation).

Image result for social media gifs

Social Media Marketing Services Clock [Photograph found in Social Media Marketing Gifs, Gyfcat]. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://gfycat.com/gifs/search/social media marketing

With all that being said, I am definitely the kind of person that also needs to take time and step away from social media and likes to unplug and disconnect.  I love an annual tradition my friends (who are like a second family to me) and I take a trip to their hunting cabin.  There is not really good cell phone reception in the mountains and definitely no internet connections nearby.  It is beautiful to spend those few days with the people that we are around and not have constant other distractions.  I love being able to soak up the outdoors and beautiful nature without hearing about what else is going in the world.

Like the saying goes, “Do more things that make you forget to look at your phone!”


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